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文章主題: All Deuce UI (Ace2) 整合包 適用於2.0 ( 4260 位閱讀者 )

All Deuce UI (Ace2)

注意 安裝之前 要把wtf 和interface都刪掉 不要想說用覆蓋的 一定會有問題

然後你必須S change the names of 3 folders INSIDE the WTF folder.
WTFAccountYour Account Name Here
WTFAccountYourAccountNameYour Server Name Here
WTFAccountYourAccountNameYour Server NameYour Character Name Here

整合包裡面 包括的addon如下

!Bug Grabber - Grabs the bugs

!OmniCC - Cooldown count

!StoptheSpam - Gets rid of the annoying addon loading system messages at start up

ag_Unit Frames - Simply the best unit frames evah!

aUF_Banzai - Colors who has agro in ag_uf (red)

AutoBar- Highly configurable bar for consumables, etc.

AutoBar Config - GUI for AutoBar

BanzaiAlert - Alerts you to the gain and loss of personal agro

Bartender3 - Best Bar mod evah!

BigWigs - Boss Mod for raids

BugSack - Sacks the bugs

Capping - PvP timers

Cartographer - Replaces the Bliz default map, has all the bells and whistles

Cartographer_Herbalism - Notes herbs on your big map

Cartographer_Mining - Notes ore on your big map

Clique - Click-Casting at it's finest!

ClosetGnome - Outfit changer plugs into fubar

ClosetGnome_OhNoes - Unequip weapons at a specified health percentage

ClosetGnome Mount - Changes gear when mounting

ClostGnome Switcher - Does all the work

ColaLight - Adds sell values to the tool-tip

cyCirlce - Adds Circle textures to Bartender3

Detox - Provides a list of people to be cured

DeuceCommander - Provides drop down menus for mod management (fubar)

ElkBuffBar - Tracks players buffs and debuffs

ErrorMonster - Redirects errors. Bug Sacks' good friend :D

Fizzle - Shows character durability and quality in character frame

Free Refills - Automatic refilling of user defined items

Fruity Loots - Puts Loot Frame underneath your cursor

Fubar - A Panel that mods plug into


_bagfu - Keeps track of space left in your bags

_dps - Simple DPS / HPS monitor

_durabilityfu - Tracks durability

_xpfu - Monitors exp

_guildfu - Displays online guildmates

_locationfu - Tracks your current location

_mailfu - Notifies you of in-game mail

_moneyfu - Show me the $$ !

_nametogglefu - Toggles nameplates with a single button

_performancefu - Monitors FPS, memory usage and garbage collection

_regenfu - Monitors HP/MP regen rate and FSR stats. Has a 5 second rule timer bar.

_timerfu - Simple out of the way timer

_topscorefu - Tracks your highest scores

_volumefu - Volume adjustments

_whisperfu - Keep track of your tells!


IDCard - Adds item texture to static tool tip windows

InFlight - Tracks in-flight times

KLHTreatMeter - Threat Meter

MainAssist - Tank frame and assist addon with visual feedback for target

mEnemyCastbar - Enemy Castbar for AG_UF

MobHealth - Smart Estimates of Mob health values

oCB - Sexy Cast Bar

OneBag - Inventory management

OneBank - Inventory management

OneRing - Inventory management

oRA2 - A better CTRaid ! Yeah.. i said it!

oTweaks - Extends combat log range, targeting range and targeting radius range

Prat - Sexy chat mod

Prat_fubar2 - Fubar plug-in

RangeRecolor - Recolors actionbars according to range

RatingBuster- Converts Combat Ratings into normal percentages on the tooltip

sct - Scrolling Combat Text sctoptions - gui for sct

sctd - Scrolling Combat Text-Damage sctdoptions - gui for sctd

SimpleCombatLog - Sexy, readable! combatlog

Skinner - Textures

SpellTips - Adjusts spell tooltips for +dmg and + heals

Squeenix - Sexy minimap

Surfaces - Textures

TinyTip - The best tooltip evah!

tinytipextras - modules

tinytipoptions - gui

WitchHunt - Spell Alert ftw

XLoot - remake of the built in loot frame

XLootgroup - group roll frames

XLootMonitor - Live monitor of loot picked up

package有很多addon 重點是 我裝了之後 不會lag

#1  發表於: 2006年12月11日 13:58:55
#2  發表於: 2006年12月12日 11:03:48
lafayee 在 2006年12月12日 20:03:53 更新了此文章.
可能跟cenemycast有關 還有witchhut 和ora2

全部的addon都可以在小地圖下面的按鈕deucecommander 那裡更改喔

更正:你說的那個誰cast啥的 你去witchhut選項 把他改成 target only
#3  發表於: 2006年12月12日 19:24:46
whitechoco 在 2007年02月27日 18:35:22 更新了此文章.
我覺得這個ui pack真的不錯用,我後來跑去抓2.08版..
還有螢幕正中央有一個人物的預覽圖(就是紙娃娃) 點敵人也會跑出來..
用deucecommander 我也找不出哪個可以處理這兩個
#4  發表於: 2007年02月27日 16:49:23
不過我查了一下他的2.08 update

你說的3d 紙娃娃 應該是3DUnitModels?€這個mod

至於你說的buff欄位 有綠色 紅色
是一格一格 很像九方格 這樣嗎
是的話 你看看Buffalo or grid or XRS or ora32
#5  發表於: 2007年02月27日 20:18:15
是buffalo...解決囉^^ tks
#6  發表於: 2007年03月01日 22:44:46
 這個包也下載了?€等開機以後?€要來try try看了?€如果還有問題?€我再問問看各位大大

#7  發表於: 2007年03月20日 17:23:42

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