歡迎您來到 漫遊網, 在此我們將一步一步的教您如何加入我們的魔獸世界伺服器

1. 首先, 您需要一份主程式, 本站伺服器支援英文與繁體語系. 您可以由我們的伺服器頁面(網站上方選單)得知我們目前的版本, 然後取得適合您使用的版本. 或是請到下方提供的本站討論區資源連結的主程式文章尋找下載點

2. 再來, 您需要在本網站上註冊一個帳號, 請注意, 本站每半年會認證帳號一次, 如果註冊時您資料亂填很有可能會讓您無法完成驗證時的問題.

3. 成功的註冊後, 您要到伺服器頁面(網站上方選單), 開通您的帳號, 讓您的帳號由網頁傳送到遊戲伺服器上. 請注意, 盡量將伺服器的密碼與網頁上的密碼設為不同的, 這樣對於您在網站與遊戲的帳號都有安全上的保護.

4. 最後, 您需要下載本站的登入器, 這樣才能登入伺服器. (簡單批次檔, 您可以自行用筆記本打開檢查). 登入器需放入遊戲主程式的目錄下. 往後, 請使用本站的登入器登入(參考下方示意圖), 或是更改您桌面上的捷徑由 launcher.exe 改為 wowtw.bat (參考下方示意圖), 否則您會因為自動更新功能更新了您的主程式而無法登入.

登入器下載: 主要伺服器

請注意! 如果您在玩的時後主程式當掉, 請勿送出錯誤報告給官方! 請直接關掉即可! 非常重要!! 如果登入遊戲時出現帳號被封鎖或是被查封, 畫面上要求使用電話聯絡客服解鎖, 請勿使用畫面中的客服電話, 本站不是官方! 這個更重要!!!

這樣, 您就可以加入我們了! 別忘了, 使用好友邀請功能邀請您的朋友, 不僅讓您好友知道這個好地方, 還可以有機會令您得到獎勵! 請參考下面的本站討論區資源連結.

* 登入器建立捷徑, 點擊圖片可放大
* 更改桌面上的捷徑, 因批次檔沒有圖示, 可選主程式的圖示, 點擊圖片可放大

Welcome to, we will guide you to join us step by step.

1. First of all, you need the game client program. Our server supports English and Tradition Chinese languages. If you are getting your own client you can find the current supported client version from the server page. You can also use forum resource below to find download links.

2. Second, you need to register an account on our website. Please note that all account requires biannual account verification. If you enter information incorrectly during registration, you may not be able to re-verify your account.

3. After registration, you need to activate your Game Server account from Server page; it will transmit your account information to the Server. We suggest you pick a different password for Game Server account than your web account password because this gives you extra protection to your web account if you need to recover your Game Server account.

4. Finally, you need to download login batch file then you can connect to our Server. (It is just a simple batch file, you can check it by just opening it with any text file editing program). This batch file has to be downloaded and put in the folder of your game client. You will have to use the batch file login the server everytime. We recommend you to create a shortcut and replace the wow icon on your desktop because if you execute the original Launcher accidentally, the auto updater will update your client and you won't be able to login to our Server.

Login batch file download: Main server

Attention! If your WoW crash while playing, DO NOT send the error report! Just close it instead, that's very important!!

That's it! That's how you join us. Don't forget to use invitation feature inviting your friend because you are not only telling your friend about this place but also giving you a chance to earn rewards.


常見一般問題問答 General frequently asked questions.

本伺服器的設定資訊. Our server's configuration info.

主程式下載. Client download.

新手指南. Newbie Guide.

好友邀請功能. Friend invitation feature.

Unicodefont addon, which can help you to see other language in game.

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